To Be
A side-scrolling
poetic exploration with hidden interactions.
With the weight of everything on our shoulders
Being enough
For someone
Wanting a way out
Stuck behind
this door
of our
own self-doubt
She heard us Our guide in troubled times Help! Help! Help! Help!
As we were banging
to get out
Wanting this
imprisonment to end
She whispers Through a crack
“This suffering can
happen no longer
I'll save you”
Down endless halls
And empty rooms
She makes a path
to save us
With all force
Freeing us from our prison
Thank You for taking this journey. I hope you realized
that no matter what you are going through,
that there are people who care for you.

Be the light, the path out for someone.

This poem has been based off the story of Deborah,
which can be found in Judges 4 and 5 of the
Old Testiment a.k.a The Bible.